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Data Privacy Compliance 101: Don’t Put Your WIFI Password on a Post-It

Password leaks open the door to many risks, from illegal downloads to spreading malware through infected devices. If you are worried you haven’t been doing enough, here are some immediate actions you can take to protect yourself.

  • Require personal details of each WIFI user. A guest WIFI that asks for the user's name and email will help you monitor any suspicious activity. When using a captive portal, users will be presented with a web browser to agree to security terms and enter personal details.

  • Credentials and access should be time-limited.

  • Your office WIFI should be encrypted and hidden by setting up the router or access point so it does not broadcast the network name (SSID).

  • Guest WIFI must be different from the WIFI employees use. Customers, clients, and guests should not be on the same network as your data.

  • Communicate with employees and inform them of the risk of sharing WIFI passwords and writing them on a post-it.

These measures will make a significant improvement and help protect you and your business. But first, walk around your office and take down those password containing post-its.

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